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  4. M16 IP40 - Crimp tool for stamped crimp contacts; series 581/680/682
Part no.: 66 0001 014 100

M16 IP40 - Crimp tool for stamped crimp contacts; series 581/680/682

series 581/680/682, Accessories
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General features
Part no. 66 0001 014 100
Connector design Crimping tool
Additional information for single contacts
Weight (g) 329.50
Customs tariff number 82032000
Country of Origin SE
REACH SVHC None (No pollutants)
SCIP number SCIP-number not available
eCl@ss 11.1 27-44-01-92
Security notices
  1. The connector must not be plugged or unplugged under load. Non-observance and improper use can result in personal injury.
  2. The connectors have been developed for applications in plant engineering, control and electrical equipment construction. The user is responsible for checking whether the connectors can also be used in other areas of application.
  3. Connectors which are used in circuits with voltages dangerous to the touch may only be installed and used by, or under the supervision of, persons with electrical engineering training, taking into account the applicable regulations and standards.
  4. The user must take suitable safety precautions to ensure that the connector cannot be accidentally disconnected.
  5. The plug connector is not suitable for mains voltages Please observe the pollution degree and the overvoltage category. For further information, please refer to the download center "Technical Information".
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66 0001 014 100
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